Eight things Bermuda must do to remain relevant

Bermuda as an international business jurisdiction has never before faced as many challenges and potential game changers as it does today. Its character will be severely tested, and there are things it must do to remain relevant in the changing world, according to one of the island’s business leaders. Among the thing Bermuda must do is […]

Video: Patrick Tannock on International Business

Patrick Tannock, ABIC Chairman and Managing Director at AXA XL and Chief Executive Officer of XL Bermuda Ltd.’s Insurance Operations spoke at the Hamilton Rotary Club luncheon meeting on December 11th on “Bermuda as an International Business jurisdiction in an era of change.” Click here for video.

Minister Speaks to ABIC About Health Strategy

Earlier today, Minister of Health Kim Wilson spoke to members of the Association of Bermuda International Companies (ABIC) about the Bermuda Health Strategy and the health related elements in the recent budget. Minister Wilson said, “The Ministry of Health is on e of the largest Ministries in the Government. Our mandate is very significant and […]

Just Good Business – Bermuda Anti-Money Laundering Campaign

Learn how Bermuda is helping to fight global financial crime. Our government, responsible authorities and industry groups are working together to ensure the island meets top standards for anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing (ATF). Join the effort to keep Bermuda’s reputation worked-class. Go to: www.goodbusiness.bm