Multiplier Effect

How does Bermuda’s global business market boost the economy and create jobs? It’s called the “Multiplier Effect”—and it affects every single one of us. Click on our video to find out why.

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Business leaders urge action against Covid-19

There is an appeal from local and international business leaders encouraging residents to take protective measures against Covid-19. Read more…


ABIC supports future of international business

Nineteen Bermudian students received financial support for their further education through the island’s largest postsecondary scholarship programme at the recently held annual Association of Bermuda International Companies (ABIC) Education Awards luncheon. …read more


Professionals describe how Abic scholarships helped them succeed

A milestone has been reached by the Association of Bermuda International Companies, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. …read more


Tannock & Dill Reflect on ABIC Scholarship

Patrick Tannock and Cherie Dill have offered their thoughts on how the Association of Bermuda International Companies [ABIC] Education Awards helped them to establish their careers… read more


ABIC Education Awards

The ABIC Education Awards program is one of the largest and most broadly supported scholarship programs in Bermuda, highlighting the commitment of the International Business sector.

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Mission: Through partnerships with Regulatory, Government and Professional Organizations, ABIC promotes and preserves a sound business environment for the international business community and the Bermuda community, and ensures that Bermuda continues as the business domicile of choice.

Vision: To be the voice of international business in Bermuda.