ABIC reached out to past recipients of the ABIC Education Awards asking how the award impacted their lives. Our Alumni have a strong presence in International Business and are employed in various fields such as accounting, law, insurance, reinsurance, financial services and media. Below are quotes that our Alumni were kind enough to share.

Meet some of the ABIC Education Awards Alumni


I am eternally grateful for the opportunities offered to me through the ABIC scholarship program. It has connected me to many other young professionals working towards successful careers. Without the ABIC scholarship I probably would have had to work a part-time job while in school which would definitely have affected my studies. Having such an investment placed in me at such a young age was incredibly uplifting and kept me pushing forward in a challenging program. For all these things I am so very thankful.

Emily Osbourne
Actuarial Analyst, RSA Group Canada (2015 scholar)



Receiving the ABIC Education Award helped me vastly in my journey into the insurance industry. Ever since I was young I always dreamed of entering the business world. If it wasn’t for the ABICEA my dream would not have been possible. With the cost of university entailing such a huge expenditure I knew the only way I was going to attend was through scholarship funding. Being a recipient of the ABICEA allowed me to commence my career journey by attending Georgia State University. I am extremely grateful to have been selected and to now be a part of such a prominent Alumni group. I extend a huge thank you to ABIC and its member companies for everything that they do to help Bermudian students.
Tare' Brangman
Property Operations Manager, The Oil Group of Companies (2013 scholar)



After working full-time to obtain my Associate Degree from Bermuda College I planned to continue working and complete my undergraduate degree on Island through Bermuda College. As a mature student there were limited scholarship options, however when I saw the advertisement for the ABIC scholarships I submitted my application. When I received the phone call that I was successful it was one of the best days of my life as it gave me the opportunity to travel overseas to complete my Bachelor’s Degree at Mount Saint Vincent University (graduated with distinction in 2008) I will always be grateful to ABIC as I was able to secure a job at an accounting firm and am now working for the Office of the Auditor General.
Jennita DeShields
CPA, Senior Analyst, Office of the Auditor General (2006 scholar)



The ABIC scholarship gave me the opportunity to spend my final summers before completing university on academic projects instead of a summer job. The time spent on these projects was invaluable to both my academic and professional career. The skills developed during these summers set me up for a strong final year in university and expanded my prospects when deciding a career path. The ABIC scholarship enabled opportunities which would have otherwise been impossible. I am forever grateful.
Sean Crockwell
Engineer, Government of Bermuda (2009 scholar)



The ABIC Education Awards enables young Bermudians to further their education overseas and acquire the skill sets in order to participate and succeed in International Business. As former scholarship recipients working in International Business, we are uniquely positioned to act as ambassadors to positively influence perceptions about Bermudians in the international business arena and perceptions about International Business within our communities. We must continue to tangibly demonstrate by our contributions to the success of our companies, that it’s a great investment for international companies to award scholarships to Bermudian students.
Patrick Tannock
MD AXA XL and CEO XL Bermuda Ltd.’s Insurance Operations, Chairman of ABIC (1980 scholar)



The moment I received news that I had been awarded the ABIC Scholarship my world felt so much brighter. This scholarship changed my life as well as the life of my parents not only financially but spiritually. I felt honored that someone recognized my potential and was standing behind me to continue to release my hidden talents. “Your Only Limit is You. Aim High and You Will Succeed.
Elkeisha Caisey
Compliance Specialist, Conyers (2009 scholar)



ABIC Education Awards was a blessing to me as the scholarship eased the burden of a costly college education. Tuition increases every year underlying the need for these awards and I am thankful I was chosen as a recipient. Prior to college I had always wanted to enter the world of business, a dream which was made possible through the assistance of ABICEA. I learned the basics of business in college which then led me to an accounting firm, a bank, Bermuda Government and now I’m back at an accounting firm, with a Masters and certifications. I would encourage Bermudian students to prepare themselves early to become eligible for scholarships and to use them as a stepping stone to achieve their dreams.
Kondwani Williams
CAMS, CPA Bermuda, Director of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance (1999 scholar)



Being awarded an ABIC scholarship allowed me to go to St. John’s University, one of the best for Risk Management and Insurance in the US. Since graduation I have had the opportunity to work in London and Bermuda in various lines of business in both the reinsurance and insurance sectors. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge throughout this time and to this day doors are still being opened to me, ensuring a great future ahead.
Nicholas Butterfield
Senior Underwriter, Allied World (2009 scholar)



I am truly appreciative of the support from ABIC over the years. ABIC was there from the start of my pursuit of a legal career. In actuality ABIC started me on my journey. I was awarded a scholarship right out of high school and paired with a mentor in the legal profession. ABIC kept in touch while I was abroad studying and have continued to reach out since I’ve returned to the Island. I am now a lawyer! Thank you ABIC.
Kaisha Wilson
Corporate Attorney, Appleby (2016 scholar)



I will forever be grateful to all those who made it possible for me to attend university. ABIC was one of the first and one of the best programs I had the privilege to be a part of.
Waynette Hollis
Legal Counsel, Liberty Group Limited (2004 scholar)



ABIC’s generosity has enabled me to connect with brilliant minds, learn from outstanding professors and above all pursue my academic and professional goals. Their contribution goes far beyond funding an education and serves as a resource hub, providing numerous opportunities and guidance to develop and shine within the IB arena.
Kimika Jackson
HInsurance Assistant, Bowring Marsh (Bermuda) Ltd. (2018 scholar)



Being awarded a scholarship was everything I needed to jump start my journey to a rewarding career. It not only helped to fund university but it also allowed the opportunity for me to connect and build relationships with industry professionals that were pinnacle in both my personal and professional growth. Bridging the gap, spreading knowledge and igniting the next generation of enthusiasts are what drives me forward because this is how it started for me.
Kiara Somner
Operations, Global Atlantic Financial Group (2009 scholar)



Words cannot begin to express the gratitude that I feel towards the sponsors of the ABIC Post Graduate Scholarship. When I began exploring the idea of returning to school I knew that the only way I would be able to take on that challenge was if I had financial help. Initially I was very disappointed to find that most of the scholarships on offer had an age limit which meant that I was ineligible to apply. All that changed when I read about the ABIC Post Graduate Scholarship. Finally there was a ray of hope. I applied and as they say, the rest is history! Returning to school to qualify as a lawyer has changed my life completely. I have a job that I love and a lifestyle that I can honestly say would not have been possible without the generosity of the sponsors of this scholarship. From the bottom of my heart I say Thank You.
Lisa Trott
Legal Counsel, Butterfield Bank (2011 scholar)



Receiving the ABIC Education Award was the first of many accomplishment post Bermuda College graduation. It was an honor to be chosen by those esteemed persons interviewing me and it reinforced I would one day succeed with the brightest and best if I continued to put in the hard work. This award enabled me to complete summer semesters vs. returning home to work summer jobs, delaying graduation and benefitting scholastic workflow continuity. ABIC and my sponsor company Partner Re’s support was tremendous in providing options and opportunity to homegrown talent. “Education is the Passport to Opportunity.”
Victoria Millett
Treasurer & Controller, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) (1998 scholar)



Being a recipient of the ABIC scholarship was truly life changing for me and I’m still seeing the benefits of it today. The scholarship aided me to complete my degree which led me to landing a job at the Bermuda Monetary Authority – my dream job!
Recquel Furbert
Bermuda Monetary Authority (2012 scholar)



Education is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to change the world that we live in. I am extremely thankful to ABIC for providing me with a scholarship so that I could pursue my educational goals. Without the support of ABIC in my first year of law school I would not have been able to attend university overseas. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that ABIC continues to provide Bermudian students, both through mentoring opportunities and scholarship awards. Thank you ABIC!
Maryssa Gabriel
(2006 scholar)



Receiving the award was a ticket to a better life. Not having to worry if I would be able to complete each year took away the financial burden and allowed me to focus on achieving my educational goals that would open the doors to the career path I set for myself.
Colina Outerbridge
Business Data & Policy Analyst, BEDC (2005 scholar)



Receiving the ABIC Award was a pivotal stepping stone in my educational journey. It helped to pave the way for me to reach career heights that at the time I could only imagine. Not only did it provide me with much needed funding, it gave me a greater sense of responsibility to myself and my awarding company for supporting my academic endeavors.
DeVika Bourne
SVP Head of Underwriting Operations, PartnerRe (2000 scholar)



Receiving the ABIC Scholarship meant that I could begin and ultimately complete my university education with minimal hardship placed upon my parents.
Jubilee Edness
Team Leader Commercial Lines, Argus (2010 scholar)