ABIC reached out to past recipients of the ABIC Education Awards asking how the award impacted their lives. Our Alumni have a strong presence in International Business and are employed in various fields such as accounting, law, insurance, reinsurance, financial services and media. Below are quotes that our Alumni were kind enough to share.

Meet some of the ABIC Education Awards Alumni


The ABIC Education Awards enables young Bermudians to further their education overseas and acquire the skills sets in order to participate and succeed in International Business.

As former scholarship recipients working in International business we are uniquely positioned to positively influence perceptions about Bermudians in the International business arena and perceptions about international business within our communities.

We must continue to tangibly demonstrate, by our continued contributions to the success of our companies, that it’s a great investment for international companies to award scholarships to Bermudian students.

Patrick Tannock
Head of Insurance Operations, XL Catlin (1980 Scholar)



“Receiving a higher education is one of the most valuable tools that has been the stepping stone of my career and becoming a CPA (US) and a young emerging professional in one of the Big 4 firms. Coming out of high school and learning that I was a recipient of the ABIC scholarship in 2005 gave me the ability to continue my further education and took away much financial strain, which I am forever grateful for. ABIC has inspired me to give back and help others on their career paths in the international business sector.”

Jennifer Beech
MBA, CPA, CA, Manager, KPMG Enterprise (2005 Scholar)



“You can’t put a price on your education but the money sure helped a lot and the opportunity of being able to graduate Valedictorian was priceless.”

Jozelle Escolastica
CPA, CA, Senior Accountant, Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (2009 Scholar)



I am forever grateful for the ABIC scholarship as it assisted me to attend a university to obtain the skill sets & knowledge required to pursue my dream career. I can appreciate the efforts made by the ABIC scholarship as it has not only helped to change my life but has touched the lives of many other young talented Bermudians.

Donita Stevens
Assistant Underwriter, ARGO Group, (2007 Scholar)



“Thanks to the ABIC Education Awards I was able to attend the school of my dreams, Florida International University, where I completed my undergraduate degree double majoring in International Business and Marketing. ABIC took a huge burden off me and my family’s shoulders and provided me with the opportunity to progress and truly enjoy my college experience and for that I will forever be grateful. ABIC has played a huge part in my life and is what truly motivated me to go into International Business and the Insurance Industry, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. It is really an amazing thing what this organization does and the amount of support it provides for the youth of Bermuda.”

Katrina Simons
Underwriting Assistant, AIG Bermuda (2011 Scholar)



“I am forever appreciative of being awarded an ABIC scholarship. The award enabled me to focus on my studies without worrying about the financial burden. The ABIC award helped to groom me for long-term life and professional lessons that I am still able to apply today. The ABIC award assisted me with developing my networking skills and also my verbal communication skills. The support given to me by ABIC is invaluable and timeless!”

Alicia Williams
HR Senior Administrator, BMA (2002 Scholar)



“Education is the most powerful tool that we can use to change the world that we live in. I am extremely thankful to ABIC for providing me with a scholarship so that I could pursue my educational goals. Without the support of ABIC in my first year of law school, I would not have been able to attend university overseas. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that ABIC continues to provide Bermudian students, both through mentoring opportunities and scholarship awards. Thank you, ABIC!”

Maryssa Gabriel
Attorney, ASW Law Limited (2006 Scholar)